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Drinking Anagrams

Some people, when under the influence, like to relax and take it easy.  Others prefer to challenge themselves with puzzles and other mental challenges.  We call these people nerds, and we count them among our numbers.  With that in mind, we present our ever-growing list of booze-related anagrams:
Gritstone = Strong Tie, Groin Test, and our fave, Tiger Snot.
Moosehead= Some hoe ad, or more reverentially, O Mead Hose…,
or Some Head, O…
Corona = Racoon
Alexander Keith’s = Airhead Knelt , Sex .
Trailhead= Death Lair

Glenmorangie = Morning Eagle, Large Gino Men, and arriving eventually at
Man Groin Glee.
Thus, Glen Morangie La Santa becomes:
Man Groin Glee Sat Anal   and
Glen Morangie Quinta Ruban becomes:
Quim, Banana, Ungentle Rigor.
Glen Morangie Nectar D’Or becomes: Dong, Enter Caramel Groin
Auchentoshan = Chase a Hot Nun
DunBheagan = Hun Bandage or Nude Hag Ban

Glenfarclas = Calf Anglers
Talisker = Ale Skirt or Risk Tale
Ardbeg = Red Bag or Bed Rag, and recently, Badger
Aberlour = Lube Roar
Bruichladdich = I hard, cub child…
Edradour = Rude Road
Glen Dronach = Clan Dong Her (Ann?)
Balvenie = Evil Bane or Enviable
Tullibardine = Till Bad Urine or Rub, Let In , Laid
Rosebank = Nose Bark or Robe Sank
Cragganmore = Regan, Go Cram or less politely, Go Cram Regan!
Glen Garioch = Raging C-Hole
Dalwhinnie = We Nail Hind or Laid when in
The Macallan  18 = The Anal Clam 18.
BenRiach = In Her Cab
Lagavulin = A Gal In Luv.
Bowmore = Web Room, womb roe or Mow Robe.
Glen Fiddich = Chided Fling or horrifically Felch Didling
Glen Kinchie = Cheek Lining
Glen Rothes = Her Longest or Gentler Hos
Royal Lochnigar = Horny or Glacial
Talisker = Ale Skirt or Rake Slit
Glen Livet * Give ‘ N ‘ Tell

Connemara = Co-Ream Ann
Bushmills = Lush Limbs