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Sep 2007
Our Collection: The Movie
Posted in Videos by Matthew at 12:47 pm | 4 Comments »

Rod and Matt got together to discuss content for this fab new website. After a few drams (Scapa 14, Connemara, Clynelish 14), clarity was achieved and they decided to take the majority of the collection and line them up along Rod’s hallway. After that a DV Cam was rolled along on a skateboard, mere inches from the labels, and the result is well, what it is.
It is this kind of film making that have made Rod and Matt totally unknown in the world of film making. Nonetheless, hopefully Rob will figure out a way to add it to the site.

Edit (by Rob): Yes, I did!

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4 Responses:

Scarlett said:

What would have been even more impressive is if they were lined up alphabetically!

How did you organize them? By region? By price? Pray tell.

Matthew said:

Well, I think that Rod and I put them out alphabetically…so Rob must have changed the order during his edit of the film. Only kidding.
They are in the order in which they came off the bar and into the hall except for the first one (Talisker 20 yo, 1982) and the last one (Glenfarcas 25 yo). Plus we had to move a few around to get that joke- size Bruichladdich in the row.

Matthew said:

may you get an email…post this mofo to youtube with a link to the site already…

rod said:

seems our video isn’t working,it says come back later,so i will.

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