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Nov 2009
Attention: The Whisky Threat Level has increased to Magenta
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As Rob mentioned, there were no new surprises at the Whisky Live 2009, but the Glen Fiddich 18 was a healthy reminder of how easily we forget the big obvious brands. This 18 was so yummy in fact, that I went out looking for a bottle the very next day, and that’s when I saw it: Scapa 16 official bottling at a whopping $120.00! It’s Longmorn all over again; a sexy new bottle with an embossed sailboat, new graphics, and two more years in the barrel takes us from “I can’t believe it’s not butter” awesome 14 year old at $55.95 to this new bottling at better than twice the cost.

It is the responsibility, nay, duty, of all members of the LSS to try and scoop up some bottles of the 14 at once, for when they are gone, they will be gone.

Now, that’s not to say I didn’t buy the new 16, and that combined with Rod’s 2 new acquisitions, a gaelic blend (whose name escapes me) and a distillers edition Caol Ila, made for more new whisky’s tasted than at the entire Whisky Live 2009, on the very next evening. The Scapa 16 is very good, sort of ‘the more refined older brother who is in town for the weekend, and I suppose you can crash on my couch” but certainly not twice as good as the 14.

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