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Oct 2009
Why We Never Write New Posts:
Posted in Scotch Nights by Matthew at 12:15 am | 4 Comments »

The LSS has been a full-on torrent of almost non-stop drinking since the Wood on Wood night, but there is no post which could possibly convey all that has gone on. The spring and summer were / are eternal witness to some truly outstanding blow outs. Cottages. Camping. Some Birthdays. A whole lot of really, really great whisky. And it was on one of these Matisse-smudged afternoons of laughing and breaking that we found ourselves drinking some nice cold Gritstone beer. Gritstone. Hmmm. That’s got some cool letters. And it began: Anagramming what we were drinking at the time.

Here is our list of anagrams thus far:

Gritstone = Strong Tie, Groin Test, and our fave, Tiger Snot.
Moosehead= Some hoe ad, or more reverentially, O Mead Hose…
Trailhead= Death Lair

And then we moved to Scotch..

Glenmorangie = Morning Eagle, Large Gino Men, and arriving eventually at Man Groin Glee.
Auchentoshan = Chase a Hot Nun
DunBheagan = Hun Bandage
Glenfarclas = Flag near Sac (thanks to Regan)
Connemara = Co-Ream Ann
Talisker = Ale Skirt
Ardbeg = Red Bag
Balvenie = Evil Bane
Tullibardine = Till Bad Urine
Rosebank = Ok, No Bears.
Cragganmore = Regan, Go Cram or less politely, Go Cram Regan!
Glen Garioch = Raging C-Hole
Dalwhinnie = We Nail Hind.
The Macallan = The Anal Clam.
BenRiach = In Her Cab.
Lagavulin = A Gal In Luv.
Bowmore = Rob Meow or Mow Robe.

And so it goes. Actually, seeing this list in print is kind of disturbing.

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4 Responses:

BeeRich said:

So how does one become a member? I’m a maltster/distiller/brewer trained in Scotland, and I had no clue there was a club in Leslieville. I’d love to join.


rod adams said:

nice post,no comment about the “bar” birthday party?we must have had 12 scotches back then in september and after the party i had 48 scotches on my bar – worth noting? i’m off to the glenlivet private tasting tonight and i would have mentioned the website but it looks more like a puzzles and mazes book to kill time on long drives.perhaps,just perhaps,we might mention “scotch” more often?

rod adams said:

@ beerich,you sure you want to join? mostly we’re a bunch of drunks,who prefer to get loaded on very expensive scotch.if you’re sure the first thing you need to do is buy a nice obscure scotch-around 200$ then invite us for a tasting,we’ll bring some as well .then we drink ,after that,if you live close enough we’ll discuss your candidacy and if we had a good time you may be in but either way we’ll get a good drunk on and you’ll own a very nice scotch(dont worry,we never have more than one shot each from a new bottle)…r

Rob said:

Hey Adams… if you have time to comment twice on this post, then surely you could find a spare moment here and there make some actual posts about scotch? Maybe between naps?

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