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Feb 2009
Wood on Wood, Head to Head. Wow, that sounds much worse than this great night was.
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The evening started out at Rod and Ginny’s for some pre-“Rob’s Belated Birthday Dinner” drinks. In attendance were Rob, Regan, Ginette, Nancy, Dave, Rod, Ginny, Deniese and Matthew. The gals drank bubbly while the boys had some Signatory Longmorn 16 CS. Everyone was dressed to the nines and ready for a night where the existence of children would be vehemently denied. At 8:00, to Rob’s surprise, a huge SUV Stretch Limo arrived to take us on a drunken drive about. There was shrimp cocktail, more bubbly, and flasks of Tullibardine, Glenfiddich, and Jameson’s Irish to be passed about in the VIP lounge on wheels. Next stop was the “Forget About It Supperclub” where, thanks to the long standing musical patience of Rob towards the restaurant’s owner, we had $800 in gift certificates to spend. After a little striptease to which only Rod was witness, we had some quite nice Amarone, before an Italian feast that we all enjoyed more than we thought we would. A few more bottles of Amarone and then it was back to Chez DeBoer/Daley for party time. At this point Andrew and Sandy joined the party, bringing some welcome energy with them. This is when the girls started to drink all of the things they really like to drink and the boys began the Scotch tasting: Wood to Wood, Head to Head. Essentially, it was a night of Tullibardines vs Glenmorangies…Sauternes cask finishes and Port Wood cask finishes. First up: Nectar D’Or Sauternes against the Tullibardine Sauternes. These were the closest whiskys I have ever had side by side. The nose and palate were just slightly better on the Tullibardine, though everyone would agree the Nectar has been worth the wait. Almost too close to call. Then it was time for the epic Port Wood battle (perhaps not so epic). This time the Quinta won by a nose. Next we drank some of the LSS’s Bday gift to Rob, a Dun Bhegan Rosebank 16. A lovely nice light dram after all that wood. Memories are a bit fuzzy at this junction, but I think we did a Port winner against Sauternes winner, with no clear decision coming out of that except to establish that there would no more clear anything on this night. Music played, all the ladies were sexy, and once again I’m so grateful to have such a great wife and such great friends.

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