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Nov 2008
Slumming with the Stoyles’s
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This year’s Halloween party was hosted by Dave and Nancy, and in honour of our neighbourhood’s roots, a “white trash” theme was adopted for the evening.  Costumes ranged from hideous/disturbing to definitely-low-rent-but-actually-kind-of-hot.  Culinary highlight of the night was Spam sandwiches with mayo and “French’s”, on Rod’s homemade bread.  Much Scotch was tasted/consumed, but no one was taking notes so details are sketchy.  Matthew’s Value Village parachute pants apparently unleashed his latent (or maybe not-so-latent)  breakdancing penchant, and we were all treated to a horrifying spectacle, backed by the strains of “Rapper’s Delight”.  Video evidence does exist, and can be viewed for the right price.

A great time was had by all, and by the time the party wound down, pretty much everyone had at least one black eye.

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