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Jan 2020
Schlubb and Igorrr
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Friday January 17

The end of the week, that Nancy so dearly needed, had
David Roy, Dave, Ginette, Jason, Lena, Matthew, Nancy, and Rob.
With regard to whiskey…
Rob brought:
Glen Goyne 18
Rob’s Two Wood (need cit.)
Dave brought:
Talisker Distillers Edition
12 Year Old 46.8% (with furry dust still present from it’s long time hiding on the top of Dave’s cabinet. Jeez Dave.)
Matt brought:
Glenmorangie Quinta Rubin
Bowmore 12
Also listened to a lot of funk.
The “my brother’s bike has been stolen” (keywords: 17, waterpark, LSD, bike off bridge)

and schlubb. “No really its a word, my mom said it to me and she was quite read, so, it’s definitely a word it describes when Stainglass windows change, because they were thought to be liquid in some super- super slow state where over time the glass would flow downwards over centuries and make it thicker at the bottom.
Well, after many many searches of the Internet and timers being set by both Dave and Rob and bets being laid on how long it would take me to find the word I have actually determined that it was not schlubb but in fact the word slub which meant a thicker part of a material. In any case, it was all a preamble to Igorrr, “Very Noise”. This is truly the weirdest tune/ video I have seen in a long while. Check it out…

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