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2020! The Collection Resurrection!

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Jan 2020
2020! The year of “You Say It, You Do It”
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Assembled for the second Friday of 2020 were Annie, Dave, David, Ginette, Lena, Matthew, Nancy, Regan, Rob and Tony.well done Leslieville.
First stop is the 21-year-old Auchentoshan that Rob recently purchased on sale no less. I just tasted Burnt coconut and something like Green Apple pie, layer after layer. I think I was supposed to smell black currents but in any case it was unbelievably sublime. Next up (for the reason that we knew what the third and fourth whiskeys would be) was Dave’s Tullibardine Aged Edition which was yummy but super contrasting and different from the carmel and lovingness of the 21-year-old Auchentoshan.Next up was the Bowmore head to head,Different Woods- 18 dominated by Sherry. 17 more oaky to be sure. Still wonderfully similar with the smokiness and Islay flavour.Then, when we were sated, having enjoyed so many sweet malts, then, like an old friend passes you on the street…wee drams of Scapa 14 (A bottle I’ve had since 2010)
Wowser. Hot buttered popcorn all around. Last of the night for the hardcore participants, Aberfeldy16- great googly moogly! Super strong showing so far this year.

Auchentoshan 21 !!! Bowmores 18 and 17 Head To Head. Surprise late delight Scapa 14!Aberfeldy 16 good lord creme brulé
In other news, Stoyles achieves self- barracade level!

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