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Jan 2016
New Years on The Ninth Rocks Hard in Leslieville
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After a long and extended break from Friday nights, the counter got mightily rocked this evening as stragglers from far and wide showed up for a whisky night that went from sublime to shenanigans.
Rob, longtime member, first time caller, brought his most ill-gotten-booty, the outrageously generous gift of
THE MACALLAN 25!!! And if that wasn’t enough to just set the perfect mood, he also showed up with a novelty bottle 1.76 Litre GlenMorangie Original…like a pineapple club, it was.

Being the night one opens a bottle worth a few grand, here goes:

NOSE: Brown Sugar with fresh vanilla bean, mincemeat and rum notes with what can be described as pressed linen.
PALATE: Increased vanilla with anise and clove
Long lingering finish that ends with a dry, black tea tanin.

After enjoying this absolute beauty, we went on to the GlenMorangie. Well you know? It’s a testament to the Ten Men Of Tain who make this spirit to just how well this 10 year old stepped up after such an outstanding 25. There is good reason why this whiskey is in so many bars that only have 3 single malts.

Next up on the counter was a lowly, but optimally blended Chivas 12. There were many laughs as Rob Regan Ginette Nancy Jason Dave and I explored the mysterious world of “what the fuck did you just say!!!”
Arly and Rory tap dancers? Maybe.

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