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Jan 2012
Three B’s and a Head to Head to Head Laphroaig showdown
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 Rob and I found ourselves at Yonge and Summerhill over the last couple of days and seeing as he had 300+ dollars worth of LCBO gift certificates we decided to do a little shopping. What Rob purchased was three B’s: a Bowmore 15 Laimrig cask strength, a Benriach 15 Dark Rum Cask, and a Bruichladdich 18.
I picked up a Glen Fiddich 15 Solara Cask that was on sale for 58 bucks. Since Rob had most of the new whisky,  it made the most sense for the get together to be at 
Chez DeBoer-Daley. 
When I arrived in attendance were Rob, Reagan Andrew and Sandy and Rob and Andrew had just opened and we’re about to have the first taste of the BenRiach 15 Dark Rum Cask.
Oh it was so yummy.
Dark and sweet and oh so Rummy…
Just after we began our drinks Rod and Virginia showed up.
The gals were drinking the St-Germain cocktail with champagne. I brought a bunch of games over but we never ended up getting to them. We are just too fun on our own I suppose. The next up in our drinking adventure was the Bowmore 15 Laimrig. The nose on this thing was just so crazy and multifaceted ( refer to the tasting notes). After that we had the Bruichladdich 18. Again just an absolutely  beautiful scotch, and that concluded our trip through the 3B’s but what came next is the stuff of legend: a head to head to head showdown between 3 Laphroaigs;
Rod had brought the 10 and the 15, 
and we were already doing a head-to-head tasting of those two when Dave and Nancy showed up from their dinner date and Dave had brought along the quarter cask creating the perfect storm or the right conditions for a head to head to head!
There were a few visits to the porch and we all marveled at the new winter that had come to us. After that we killed Drew’s Glenlivet 18, we had a Corner Creek bourbon and we opened and had a Glen Fiddich  15.
It was another night of über-smudginess in Leslieville. So much laughing at so many funny funny things. The last thing I remember was singing with Drew and Rob to the tune of Kumbaya  “someone’s thinning my Lord,  Jude Law’s hair…”
After that,  it’s all blackness and blankets…

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