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May 2010
Life can’t be complained about when you find four grand in a book.
Posted in Scotch Nights by Matthew at 4:58 am | 2 Comments »

This was the first kinda’ nosing in a long long time when you consider that we haven’t had a get together where we had a bunch of new bottles to explore together in a dog’s age, and tonight there were 4. That’s a good number, 4. Well Rod is talking about having read a review of a newly aquired single malt, the Glen Grant, and how some dude said it was his favourite in this book, and “wait, I’ve got that book and I go to get it off the shelf. I pull it down wondering when the last time I had read this and then I think: Christmas, it was around Chritmas. I open the book to look in the index and there is an envelope stuffed in the first few pages of this book. It is a red Christmas envelope with Holly and Pointsetta’s all over it. I open it up and it’s a card from Ginette’s auntie Mo and inside it is a bank draft for $4000.00.  It’s her inheritance from her Grand Dad passing away… we never figured out that that money was still around! Ginette assumed I had put it in our savings and it had just got eaten by debt and I assumed Ginette had put it in our savings and it had just got eaten by debt. Now….. THAT is a good way to start a party!!! Mexico? Maybe!! And now to four new whiskies!!!! First up was the Allta-Bhannie 12. Awesome shit. Calling back memories to Rod’s very favourite, the recently departed,  Signatory Cask Strength Allta- Bhannie 27. Then we had the Glen Grant. Holy crap…we were all ready to dig into Rod’s new bottle of Glen Grant, when in walks Gooderham with a same said bottle, just recently deflowered and wants men to drink her… Well of course we did. Tasting notes will be posted separately from this post. Next off the blocks was the first of three in a pairings trio: two Glen Scotia 1992’s, one finished in a bourbon cask and one in sherry. Each one some sort of blessing, so good accompanied by such good friends and the laughing.  Then we had an eye dropper 1/8th shot of Auchroisk 28 to A B with the newly acquired Auchroisk 18. Well it can’t be said often enough. The Auchroisk 28 smells, feels, and tastes like God’s vagina. The 18 is Gosh, God’s younger sister. I mean, someday she may really be something, but right now it’s unfair to compare the 18 with the 28. That said, stellar and uber stellar. Then we ventured to Islay. It was no subtle hike. We fell down a hill into a full on onslaught of peat: The Signatory Cask strength Bunnahabhain 9 year old “Heavily Peated” and the Bruichladdich “Peat”. Not for the faint of heart, to be sure, but then that’s just more for us who would sell our sibling’s for a bit ‘o’ this. There were cushions and patios and small glowing embers and laughter that echoed through Leslieville, and laughter that echoed through Leslieville.

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2 Responses:

Matthew said:

It’s kinda funny that with all this good stuff going on, it wasn’t noticed that after midnight on that night was Ginette and my eleventh wedding anniversary.

Drew said:

Hey! Happy Anniversary, ol’ timers.

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