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Dec 2009
Matthew’s Birthday, blah blah blah…
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Amazingly, I got a second wind tonight after watching the new “Scrubs”. Rod showed up with an “What?! Thank you bro, Oh No you Didn’t!!!” birthday surprise procured at a duty free shop in Mexico; the super obscure Knockando 12 year old: super yummy by the way, but that’s another story. Next in Rapid sucession did come Rob, then Dave, then finally puppy rattled Drew for “an celebration” as it were. So we all had some Knockando and tasting notes were written by Robert, who will no doubt be posting them any moment. Ginette made some Ginette drinks and we all got comfy.

Next up, the boys gave me a Balvenie 15 year old single barrel. WOW! Awesome stuff…Chocolate and Shi…ya know like “there’s too many mother ucker’s uckin’ with my shi…?” That’s the shi I am talkin’ about!!!

Then, I pull out a ringer from the SAQ; the Nikka Yoichi 12 Year Old, hither to un-seen round these parts. “Wowoeee Woweee Woweee” as said by Christopher Walken.

Then it’s all orange peel sculptures and Arthur and blah blah blah drinking, goodbye to the Ardbeg Uigeadail, Connemara original and 12, and the end of the Talisker 10 and the Lagavulin Distillers Edition. New bottles got, others gone, it is such a wonderful life. Forty five? Shmorty shmive.

Now it’s past three, goodnight to thee and me.


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