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2020! The Collection Resurrection!

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We live in Leslieville. Leslieville, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

We like Scotch.

There are 6 of us: Rod Adams, Matthew Davies, Rob DeBoer, Bryan Scanga, Dave Stoyles and Andrew Gooderham.

Rod and Matt started exploring and comparing different single malts sometime in 2003. We began collecting malts kind of by accident in our pursuit of killer scotch. We met Rob and Bryan through our kids and our neighborhood school, Bruce Public School. We have now collectively had about 150 different single malts and have around 115 active bottles which makes it awfully tempting to get together pretty often to try stuff out.

Dave Stoyles started hanging around. He just wouldn’t take a hint, so we made him a member.  Only kidding Dave. Newest member Andrew moved onto the street and was an old chum of Rob’s, plus he really seems to like Scotch and comes from a solid whisky making family.

It must be mentioned that although he does not  live in Leslieville, Bob McKitrick is pretty much as much a member as you can be without actually being a member. He has turned up with some great whiskys, and has been along for some great tastings, and is an all around good guy.