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Jan 2009
Whisky’s of the 80’s
Posted in Scotch Nights by Matthew at 2:48 am | 1 Comment »

C’est What hosted the entire Leslieville Scotch Society (and about 4 other people) to a Whisky Night dedicated to Whiskys older than 20 years ( read “of the eighties”) on Tuesday the 20th. In attendence were the original 4: Bryan, Rob, Rod, and me… the first time in a mofo long time too I might add, as well as Dave and Andrew, and even our satellite member Bob from far-away Parkdale. We drank  a couple of wholly forgettable Canadian Whiskys, and then nice things started to happen. The Auchentoshen  21 was really great with lots of Apple cider in the nose, pastry and cereal on the palate made this one of my favourites of the night. Next up was the Glenrothes 1987: Fruits , dates, mincemeat on the nose, a little bit oily, balanced finish. A really nice scotch. Would I buy one? Well…there were definitely a few more malts to try and they were starting to come a bit fast at this point: The Glenfiddich 21 was the next. I remember quite a few guys were surprised by the Glenfiddich. They just get such a bad rap because their 12 is so mediocre, and it’s frigging everywhere. This 21, on the other hand, was stellar. It had a really great toffee nose and quite a developing palate. It had this sort of a drying thing going on, like green grapes. The last was many folks’ favorite, for the Glenfarclas 21 really had some serious shit going on. It’s like $150 or something compared to the really pricey Auchentoshen ($189.95). It’s no surprise we have collectively purchased the Blairfindy/ Glenfarclas 31 year old, the 25 and the 15. The nose on this 21 was chocolaty and a bit musty if I remember, and the palate was like a male ballerina’s left shoe. Blah blah blah, whisky snob, blah blah blah, gay. The finish was entirely obtuse, much in the way this wasted writer might try to pull an ending off that is…

But seriously……….not, then we headed back to Chez Davies for some Tullibardines, Scapa, Glen Morangie Pineapple, Smokehead, Arran and some craziness…acoustic guitar jam, and some sort of potato system, Jeff Buckley, mexican treefrogs and ultimately, typing in the dark. Today was Obama’s day. I am curious what he will do with this new today that used to be tomorrow.

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One Response:

Bob said:

re: Obama – he’s probably doing what most of us did today – pounding Tylenol. Good time last night, guys!

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