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Sep 2008
I Found It In My Notebook…It Must Be True.
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Well an entire summer has come and gone and Rob and I have been too frickin’ busy to write posts, but there is quite a lot to report. First off, we really must welcome our fifth member, Dave Stoyles. Dave and his wife Nancy of “Northofqueen” are really the right kind of weirdos, much in keeping with the Leslivillians we tend to be and/or hang with. Now with regards to the many crazed nights of yummy single malts that have happened since the Scotch Hole, I will begin with this one: June 18th, 2008. Ginette and I had just gotten our new gas stove. According to my notebook, in attendance were Dave , Rod, and Myself. As you might expect the line up for this night was stellar: Highland Park 15, Oban 14, 3 Laphroaigs! the 10, the 15, and the Quarter cask, Caol Ila Cask Strength, The Rare Malts Blair Athol 27, the old Pulteney 12 from Rod and Ginny’s Buffalo trip, a Glen Garioch 15 and lastly, the Deerstalker 10. That’s 10! In retrospect, we probably should have guessed that 10 single malts multiplied by 3 guys would equal: no post on the website, you poor hung over fool. Anyway an amazing time was had, and we took tasting notes and everything before calling it a night.

Obviously there is no way to catch up on all that has happened this summer, but there were a great many highlights, not the least of which were: Communal Camping and Josie’s Birthday at the Blue Moon. All members are currently being asked to do a formal inventory for the Collection so we can get our number straight and add the appropriate tasting notes to the site. Later tonight, all of the members of the Leslieville Scotch Society are taking Rod out to the Feathers to celebrate his 45th birthday. I will be very surprised if any member is capable of adding a post about this event anytime soon.

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