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Mar 2008
Danny Gatton
Posted in Scotch Nights by Rob at 11:29 am | No Comments »

It’s Easter weekend 2008. Ginette has gone to New Brunswick to celebrate her grandmother’s 90 th birthday. Matthew is flying solo with the 3 youngins. Rob and Rod come for a visit Saturday eve, and we start the night by listening to a fairly awesome Mariachi band from Montreal. It’s not long before we get thirsty and, well, bottles start come down from the shelf: Connemara Cask Strength, Glen Morangie Lasanta, Rob brought his birthday present, The Glen Tauchers 14, then I think we had Longmorn, Scapa (possibly), and Lagavullin Distillers. We are all now finely tuned machines, so let’s check out YouTube for comedy and tunes and the extraordinarily strange “Melodyne Direct Note Access”. The night is crowned by listening to the ridiculous guitar stylings of Danny Gatton. Little did Matt know, but about two hours after Rob and Rod went stumbling homeward, he was going to get up to see about crying 2 year old Arthur, and put his back out in biblical proportions. 10 days later as I write this, I have been on a journey of pain coloured by something called cyclobenzaprine, codene and even morphine to sleep. But relief has started to show up from time to time, and I’m just about off the pain meds. As soon as I am totally clear, I’m thinking…Ardbeg.

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