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Mar 2008
Journey To The North Lands
Posted in Scotch Nights by Matthew at 6:01 pm | No Comments »

Gather round and hear tales of this strange and wonderous place: NORTHOFQUEEN.  Some of the residents adorn their dwellings with hundreds of teddy bears. Others conjure music from button covered boxes. Two denizens of this wild and foreign land, Nancy and Dave, invited a contingent of southern dwellers to come and enjoy their hospitality. In attendance were: Rod and Virginia, Rob and Regan, Matthew and Ginette, Nancy and Dave, and Nick. On the bar was, Glenmorangie 15, Dalwhinnie 12,  Balvenie 12 Double Wood, Glen Breton 10 Canadian Single Malt, Connemara Cask Strength Irish Single Malt, and Laphroiagh Quarter Cask.

The food table was outstanding featuring Taramasalata and some exotic cream cheese and hot pepper blend. Many fine herbs and spices were employed, the use of which contributed significantly to the concensus that many objects, including Dave and Nancy’s new door, may have in fact, been Photoshopped.

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