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Feb 2008
All bottles with less than 1/3 must be finished within six hours. Wait a minute, that’s supposed to be six months. Oh well.
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We had just finished throwing Ruby’s six year old Spy Birthday party, an affair which had taken weeks to prepare, and it was time for the adults to relax. Rod had read somewhere online that any single malts with less than a third left should be finished within six months or the malt can lose its flavour. There didn’t seem to be any clear cut decision about this in any other source we could find, so we decided to play it safe and polish off some some old favourites. In attendance were Rob, Regan, Rod, Virginia, Regan’s super friend from way back Jocelyn, Deniese, Diane, Bryan, Annie, Ginette and Matthew. The gals drank bubbly and something called Bull Piss, and wine while the boys drank yummy single malts, making detailed tasting notes before finishing the following bottles: Cardhu 12, Glenmorangie 10, Glenmorangie Port Wood, Glenmorangie Burgandy Wood, Bowmore 15, Longmorn 15, Bruichladdich 10, Macallan 12, Connemara, Lagavulin Distillers Edition, and Scapa 14. That’s 11 down!  Also sampled, but not killed, were the intriguingly mysterious Mactarnahan and the always outstanding Caol Ila 18.

Much of the night’s conversation had to do with who would be on your top 10 “Can sleep with without any marital consequences” list. The subject matter combined with the copious quantities of alcohol made for some big laughs I think but can’t exactly remember.

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