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Jan 2008
Rob’s Birthday Bash
Posted in Scotch Nights by Rob at 9:47 pm | No Comments »

Last-minute babysitting issues gave rise to a technological leap forward for Leslieville – a Skype-enabled multi-location party!  Well, maybe not forward, but it was pretty cool.
Several new bottles were added to the collection, and of course sampled…

Thanks to the generosity of Rob’s family:

  • Bowmore Mariner 15yo
  • Glenrothes Select Reserve
  • Glen Breton 10yo – “Canada’s only single malt”

and thanks to the generosity of Rob’s Leslieville friends:

  • Glentauchers 14yo Cask Strength (James MacArthur’s Old Masters)

Also, three of the society members were presented with Riedel hollow-stem nosing glasses by their wives (who informally make up the Leslieville Champagne Society; website forthcoming)

All in all, a typically raucous gathering, with guests arriving from as far away as the Danforth!  Regan outdid herself in the kitchen, producing an amazing array of savory and sweet treats, and topping things off at around 2:30am with gourmet grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches.

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