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Feb 2020
Valentines Dick Farm Nerd Jazz Hang
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Sometimes, a night where it’s just a little dick farm is not so bad. Dave Rob and I enjoyed a wonderful night of delicious whiskey and nerd jazz. This is something that could never occur when the girls were around- they wouldn’t allow it and rightly so, because it’s not conducive for conversation because it’s about the listening to it, you know, jazz. In any case this was predicated because wonderful amazing piano player and improviser Lyle Mays passed away a couple of days ago and Rob and I were talking about it. So we started out by listening to a bunch of Pat Metheny group with Lyle and then moved onto shadows and light tour for Joni Mitchell with Jaco Pastorius, Don Elias, Michael Brecker, Pat Metheny, Lyle Mays.  Stupidly beautiful.

Whiskeys enjoyed were

Penderyn Peated

 Balblair 15 

 Craigallachie 17 

Weymiss Peat chimney

Glen Deveron 12. 

Tasting notes: The Craigallachie 17 smelled and tasted like cinnamon apple pie with just a hint of dispair. The Balblair 15 is all caramelly. The Penderyn is basically welchs white grape juice poured through a peat filled coffee filter. It was a small hang but really nice to nerd out and listen to jazz and drink whiskey between a few visits to the porch. As I write this, I am sitting in a coffee shop after fewer than 5 hours of sleep, having needed to get Arthur to his 10am Second City improv class way across town. Ouch.

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