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Sep 2007
Bryan Is The Man.
Posted in Scotch Nights by Rob at 12:00 pm | 3 Comments »

Matthew, Rod and Rob gathered at Bryan’s place to experience one of the finest Scotch nights yet!  “Transplendent!”

  • Royal Lochnagar 30, cask strength (Rare Malt, Highland)
  • Auchroisk 28, cask strength (Rare Malt, Highland)
  • Blair Athol 27, cask strength (Rare Malt, Highland)
  • Clan Denny Single Grain 40
  • Talisker 20, cask strength (Isle of Skye)
  • Talisker 12 (Distiller’s Edition, Isle of Skye)
  • Talisker 10 (Isle of Skye)
  • Lagavulin 16 (Distiller’s Edition, Islay)
  • Jura 10 (Isle of Jura)
  • Arran Malt, cask strength (Isle of Arran)
  • Grant’s (Plastic Bottle)

Damage was minimal (one chipped goblet), thanks largely to Bryan’s tempered crystal glasses. Those suckers can take a beating!

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3 Responses:

Scarlett (Farquhar) Scanga said:

When the family’s away, the boys will play!! Glad you guys had a blast. You should have a scotch “date night” once a month – at least!

Matthew said:

Wow Scarlett! It’s that kind of family support that truly sets all of our wives up on the pedistles they deserve! Now, onwards towards financial ruin and therapy!

Bryan said:

Alas the evening was too short as this tasting did not allow for the time to review the night’s sweet nectar’s interelationships as fully as should have been done for their maturity. The euphoria of the scotch set in and the evening ended as quickly as it had been arranged. Thanks again to all participants, the next tasting date will certainly be more of the same.

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