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Nov 2007
While The Girls Are Away…
Posted in Scotch Nights by Matthew at 5:32 pm | No Comments »

Ginette and Virginia have traveled to far off Montreal for a party night with Stef and Ellie, so “Sleepover” for Josie and Charlie and “Scotch Night” for Rod, Matthew and Bryan. Sadly, Rob was unable to attend due to honoring some family plans…Sucker. What we had  in what order was: Gentleman Jack Bourbon, Cragganmore 12, Rosebank 14,  Brechin 26, Royal Lochnigar 30, Ardbeg 10, Ardbeg Uigeadail, and lastly Glen Ord (for Rod and Bryan…Matt had the good sense to stop at the Uigeadail). We also enjoyed a fine pizza with Blue cheese, sundried tomatoes, BBQ chicken, Mozzerella, and Broccoli.

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