Leslieville Scotch Society

2020! The Collection Resurrection!

Feb 2020

Sometimes, a night where it’s just a little dick farm is not so bad. Dave Rob and I enjoyed a wonderful night of delicious whiskey and nerd jazz. This is something that could never occur when the girls were around- they wouldn’t allow it and rightly so, because it’s not conducive for conversation because it’s about the listening to it, you know, jazz. In any case this was predicated because wonderful amazing piano player and improviser Lyle Mays passed away a couple of days ago and Rob and I were talking about it. So we started out by listening to a bunch of Pat Metheny group with Lyle and then moved onto shadows and light tour for Joni Mitchell with Jaco Pastorius, Don Elias, Michael Brecker, Pat Metheny, Lyle Mays.  Stupidly beautiful.

Whiskeys enjoyed were

Penderyn Peated

 Balblair 15 

 Craigallachie 17 

Weymiss Peat chimney

Glen Deveron 12. 

Tasting notes: The Craigallachie 17 smelled and tasted like cinnamon apple pie with just a hint of dispair. The Balblair 15 is all caramelly. The Penderyn is basically welchs white grape juice poured through a peat filled coffee filter. It was a small hang but really nice to nerd out and listen to jazz and drink whiskey between a few visits to the porch. As I write this, I am sitting in a coffee shop after fewer than 5 hours of sleep, having needed to get Arthur to his 10am Second City improv class way across town. Ouch.

Jan 2020
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Friday January 17

The end of the week, that Nancy so dearly needed, had
David Roy, Dave, Ginette, Jason, Lena, Matthew, Nancy, and Rob.
With regard to whiskey…
Rob brought:
Glen Goyne 18
Rob’s Two Wood (need cit.)
Dave brought:
Talisker Distillers Edition
12 Year Old 46.8% (with furry dust still present from it’s long time hiding on the top of Dave’s cabinet. Jeez Dave.)
Matt brought:
Glenmorangie Quinta Rubin
Bowmore 12
Also listened to a lot of funk.
The “my brother’s bike has been stolen” (keywords: 17, waterpark, LSD, bike off bridge)

and schlubb. “No really its a word, my mom said it to me and she was quite read, so, it’s definitely a word it describes when Stainglass windows change, because they were thought to be liquid in some super- super slow state where over time the glass would flow downwards over centuries and make it thicker at the bottom.
Well, after many many searches of the Internet and timers being set by both Dave and Rob and bets being laid on how long it would take me to find the word I have actually determined that it was not schlubb but in fact the word slub which meant a thicker part of a material. In any case, it was all a preamble to Igorrr, “Very Noise”. This is truly the weirdest tune/ video I have seen in a long while. Check it out…

Jan 2020

Assembled for the second Friday of 2020 were Annie, Dave, David, Ginette, Lena, Matthew, Nancy, Regan, Rob and Tony.well done Leslieville.
First stop is the 21-year-old Auchentoshan that Rob recently purchased on sale no less. I just tasted Burnt coconut and something like Green Apple pie, layer after layer. I think I was supposed to smell black currents but in any case it was unbelievably sublime. Next up (for the reason that we knew what the third and fourth whiskeys would be) was Dave’s Tullibardine Aged Edition which was yummy but super contrasting and different from the carmel and lovingness of the 21-year-old Auchentoshan.Next up was the Bowmore head to head,Different Woods- 18 dominated by Sherry. 17 more oaky to be sure. Still wonderfully similar with the smokiness and Islay flavour.Then, when we were sated, having enjoyed so many sweet malts, then, like an old friend passes you on the street…wee drams of Scapa 14 (A bottle I’ve had since 2010)
Wowser. Hot buttered popcorn all around. Last of the night for the hardcore participants, Aberfeldy16- great googly moogly! Super strong showing so far this year.

Auchentoshan 21 !!! Bowmores 18 and 17 Head To Head. Surprise late delight Scapa 14!Aberfeldy 16 good lord creme brulé
In other news, Stoyles achieves self- barracade level!

Leslieville Scotch Society’s Whiskey inventory 2017

Tullabardine 225
Tullabardine Sherry 2008
Jura Diurach’s Own
Oban 14
Glenmorangie Original
Glenmorangie Lasanta
Glenmorangie Astar cask strength
Signatory Bunnahabhain 9
Dalwhinnie 15
Bowmore Small batch bourbon
Aberfeldy 12
Glen Farclas 15
Balvenie 12 Double wood
Johnny Walker Blue
Wemyss 12
Bablair 19
Black Adder Auchroisk 18
BenRiach Bernie Moss
Kilchoman Machir Bay
Glen Breton 13 cask strength
Guillon Banyuls Cask
Hellyers Road Tasmanian
Glen Breton
Glen Cadham port wood 12
Deerstalker 18
Caol Ila 10
The Macallan Cask strength
Pendaryn 41
Scapa 14
Ardbeg 10
Amorik Brittany
St. Magdalene 31
Ardbeg Uigeadail
Tobermory 10
Allt A Bhainne 1996 17yo (C.C.)
Blair Athol 1997 16yo (C.C.)
Glenfiddich 12
Glenfiddich 19
Port Dundas Single Grain 1978 33yo (Provenance)
Bowmore Raw Cask 2001 13yo (Blackadder)
Bowmore 18
Ledaig 10
Highland Park Einar
Dalmore 15
Longrow 7yo (J.&A. Mitchell)
Bunnahabhain 18
Glendronach 15
Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban 12
Bruichladdich The Laddie 10
Talker Dark Storm
Scapa 14
Craigellachie 17
Laphroaig 18
Balvenie 21 Portwood
Glen Grant 31 (Douglas Laing’s Old & Rare)
Glenfarclas Family Cask 1980 27yo
Macallan 25
Highland Park 25
Arran Sautérnes Cask Finish
Arran 10
Aberlour 16
Auchentoshan 12 x 2
Auchroisk 1988 (Blackadder)
Black Bottle
Blair Athol 1997 16
Caol Ila 1991 – 17
Cardu 12 x 3
Cragganmore 18 ( Duncan Taylor )
Glen Garioch – Founders Reserve
Glen Grant 18
Glenkinchie 1987 – 19 (Signatory)
Glenlivit 15
Glen Scotia 1992 – 16 ((Murray McDavid)
Highland Park 12
Islay Mist 8
Laphroag Quarter Cask
Mortlach 1994 15 (Murray McDavid)
Oban 2009
Penderyn 41 Madeira
Scapa 14
Talisker 1996 Distillers Edition
Tomatin 12
Tullibardine 1988
Tullibardine 1993
Tullibardine – Aged Oak Edition

88 bottles. Not bad for three guys.

After a long and extended break from Friday nights, the counter got mightily rocked this evening as stragglers from far and wide showed up for a whisky night that went from sublime to shenanigans.
Rob, longtime member, first time caller, brought his most ill-gotten-booty, the outrageously generous gift of
THE MACALLAN 25!!! And if that wasn’t enough to just set the perfect mood, he also showed up with a novelty bottle 1.76 Litre GlenMorangie Original…like a pineapple club, it was.

Being the night one opens a bottle worth a few grand, here goes:

NOSE: Brown Sugar with fresh vanilla bean, mincemeat and rum notes with what can be described as pressed linen.
PALATE: Increased vanilla with anise and clove
Long lingering finish that ends with a dry, black tea tanin.

After enjoying this absolute beauty, we went on to the GlenMorangie. Well you know? It’s a testament to the Ten Men Of Tain who make this spirit to just how well this 10 year old stepped up after such an outstanding 25. There is good reason why this whiskey is in so many bars that only have 3 single malts.

Next up on the counter was a lowly, but optimally blended Chivas 12. There were many laughs as Rob Regan Ginette Nancy Jason Dave and I explored the mysterious world of “what the fuck did you just say!!!”
Arly and Rory tap dancers? Maybe.

Dec 2013
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Nose: heather and butter notes. Not quite floral, like old old potpourri, vanilla and a bit of playdoh.
Palate: screwdriver (vodka and orange juice) and leather.
Quick finish

Jan 2012
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Nose: peat smoke and rubber boot
Palate: hot and heavy, a little sharp around the edges.
Medium finish.

Jan 2012
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Nose: peat smoke and leather sandal
Palate: smarter more refined less balls than the 10 but much mellower
Lingering finish

Jan 2012
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Nose: peat smoke and new running shoe
Palate: Band-Aids and ballsy. a bit more aggressive than the 10 possibly due to the higher alcohol content of 48%
Medium finish

 Rob and I found ourselves at Yonge and Summerhill over the last couple of days and seeing as he had 300+ dollars worth of LCBO gift certificates we decided to do a little shopping. What Rob purchased was three B’s: a Bowmore 15 Laimrig cask strength, a Benriach 15 Dark Rum Cask, and a Bruichladdich 18.
I picked up a Glen Fiddich 15 Solara Cask that was on sale for 58 bucks. Since Rob had most of the new whisky,  it made the most sense for the get together to be at 
Chez DeBoer-Daley. 
When I arrived in attendance were Rob, Reagan Andrew and Sandy and Rob and Andrew had just opened and we’re about to have the first taste of the BenRiach 15 Dark Rum Cask.
Oh it was so yummy.
Dark and sweet and oh so Rummy…
Just after we began our drinks Rod and Virginia showed up.
The gals were drinking the St-Germain cocktail with champagne. I brought a bunch of games over but we never ended up getting to them. We are just too fun on our own I suppose. The next up in our drinking adventure was the Bowmore 15 Laimrig. The nose on this thing was just so crazy and multifaceted ( refer to the tasting notes). After that we had the Bruichladdich 18. Again just an absolutely  beautiful scotch, and that concluded our trip through the 3B’s but what came next is the stuff of legend: a head to head to head showdown between 3 Laphroaigs;
Rod had brought the 10 and the 15, 
and we were already doing a head-to-head tasting of those two when Dave and Nancy showed up from their dinner date and Dave had brought along the quarter cask creating the perfect storm or the right conditions for a head to head to head!
There were a few visits to the porch and we all marveled at the new winter that had come to us. After that we killed Drew’s Glenlivet 18, we had a Corner Creek bourbon and we opened and had a Glen Fiddich  15.
It was another night of über-smudginess in Leslieville. So much laughing at so many funny funny things. The last thing I remember was singing with Drew and Rob to the tune of Kumbaya  “someone’s thinning my Lord,  Jude Law’s hair…”
After that,  it’s all blackness and blankets…